10 August 2017

Olive Shortalls

Growing up, I always referred to the green denim piece in my outfit as dungarees. But just as I was confused by "playsuit vs romper" when I visited the States a few years ago, I was confused when I saw people calling it overalls. And to add to the confusion, the one I'm wearing was specifically referred to as a "shortalls" - a term I've never heard of, period. For a while I thought that everything I was taught was a lie; and my whole world just came crashing down. NOT hahaha! I realized that the two terms are really interchangeable. There are a few confusing articles stating the differences, but it's really minor. It's like the "you say teh-may-toe, I say toh-mar-toe" song. But still - I just don't feel comfortable calling it overalls because somehow I associate that term with work-wear, usually worn by construction or other, similar industry workers. So I'll just stick to dungarees and in this case, dungaree shorts

Although you can't see much of it, the top I'm wearing is a bodysuit and it says "California" on the side. It is the State in which I am very fortunate to find myself in right now. Fortunate because it is one of the best places to be during Summer. Blue skies, palm trees galore and it is boiling hot - just the way I love it! I can't bear the thought of summer being over in a month's time, so I'm hoping that the heat will stretch a little longer into Fall. 

Finger's crossed x

Dungaree Shorts  |  Charlotte Russe

Bodysuit  |  Forever 21

Shoes  |  Windsore Store

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  1. You are too freaking adorable. That outfit looks great!

  2. Haha! I felt the same way about overalls too! These are adorable! And I'm right there with you on dungaree shorts :)

  3. Love the look - no matter what you call it!

  4. That outfit is great! I love the colors! :)