02 June 2017

Fashion Nova Shades Of Blue

Ok, so I know that the whole "Shades Of " this and "Shades Of " that is getting old. Actually, it is old. But what better way to describe this outfit. Because, literally, it's various shades of blue. What would have rounded it off perfectly is a pair of blue suede shoes; but then I'd have to go around telling people not to step on them. If you didn't get that, Elvis would be very disappointed.

But, speaking of shades of,  I haven't heard much about the last installment of 50 Shades Of Grey since it's release on Valentine's Day. I think they may just have taken too long to get it out after the first one. The hype had already died down. Same thing with the last installment of Hunger Games. They need to drop it while it's hot. You take too long of a break and you kind of become irrelevant or, forgotten. Trust me, I know. You have to work extra hard to get back into the game. There's just no time for slacking in this rate race of a world.

On another note... Sorry for jumping from one topic to an unrelated topic to another unrelated topic.. buuuut, I just have to say "hello SUMMER"! You could not have arrived sooner. Winter, on the other hand, could have bid adieu sooner.  

This outfit encompasses three of my favorite trends. High-waist (jeans), Choker (top) and Perspex (shoes). I got this gem of a top and jeans from Fashion Nova, the go-to store for high waisted jeans and body hugging clothing. I swear, everyone looks good in clothing from Fashion Nova. It doesn't matter what size or shape you are. It is a brand that celebrates all! And this is not a sponsored post so this is my honest opinion, yo.

Materialistic Top in Denim Blue |  Fashion Nova

Super High Waist Denim Skinnies Medium Blue |  Fashion Nova

Shoes  |  Lilly's Kloset

Rings  |  Forever 21

Clutch  |  Legit (old)

Have a great day, or night, wherever you are!

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