21 April 2017



- A small group of soldiers assigned to a 
particular activity.

With that being the definition of squad, how appropriate is it that the word is printed on this military inspired bodysuit. In fact, what initially caught my eye as I was browsing my way through Forever 21, was a complete camouflage print bodysuit. But, as I searched for my size, I came across this gem hidden at the back of the rail. And speaking of back, I just love the low cut back. It is so elegant as it shows off that feminine back curve. While the word is associated with soldiers, it has been adopted on social media as a way to express admiration for a group of friends that are rocking it out together. I'm sure you've seen the popular hashtag #squadgoals. For now though, it's just me, mysquad and I. Angel's Squad.

There was actually a time that I was not much of a fan of bodysuits. I remember owning a couple many years ago but at that time I preferred wearing my tops over my jeans so never got one again. But recently I got a couple and with my new found love of high waist jeans, I found bodysuits to compliment it perfectly. Right now Spring has just about set in so I'll probably be stocking up on many a sleeveless bodysuit. It feels as though it wasn't too long ago that I described how the leaves were starting to fall from the trees as Autumn was setting in. And here we are, flowers blooming. 

I also just celebrated my birthday. My second away from home. I miss Cape Town so much that I still haven't gotten around to calling my new place of residence home yet. It's so strange that my birthday now falls in Spring. This actually makes me a Spring baby, which makes so much more sense given that I love the warm seasons. I am all about the sun, baby! It truly has the ability to lift my spirit. I wish that I could alternate the warm seasons between here and home. I sure wouldn't mind a life without gloomy winter days.

Bodysuit, Jeans & Rings | Forever 21

Shoes | Windsor

Aries Pendant and chain | Charlotte Russe

Have a good day, or night, wherever you are!


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