28 April 2017

Coachella Dreaming

Coachella. We all see it, we all hear about it and we all want to be there. But what is all the fuss about? I, for one, have never been; but every year it comes around, I want to go. Why? Well, let's see... Camping out with your besties, dancing to your favorite music, rubbing shoulders with big name celebrities (or at least getting to see them from a distance haha), watching your favorite music artists perform live and of course, the fashion. Oh yes, the fashion. This has become synonymous with Coachella. That is what it's really about to many people, even those who do not attend. We just love to see the outfits, some being quite outrageous; or rather, adventurous. You really get to let your spirit go free with no one judging because everyone is just there to have fun. So who wouldn't want to experience a bit of Coachella and just let loose.

My dream of attending may not have become a reality, but I thought I'd show you what I may have opted to wear and envisioned myself dancing away to Lady Gaga, who was one of the performers this year. 95% of the outfits you see at Coachella are comprised of short shorts. And while I generally don't like doing what the crowd is doing, I think shorts are the best option for a music festival. The top I'm wearing doesn't need much, or any, explanation as to why it is perfect for a music festival. You just need to take one look at it to know it was made for it. High heels at a festival is a no-no, but of course I still wanted that element of chic, so I went for these low heel booties. The second I saw the jacket, the word coachella popped up in my head. The color, the fabric and the fringe. Perfecto! I can just picture myself, hands in the air, shaking those tassels from side to side as I dance the night away. 

Maybe next time. But for now, I am 

Coachella Dreaming.

Top, Shorts, Shoes & Jacket  |  Charlotte Russe

Rings & Bangle  |  Forever 21

Until next time, have a good day, or night, wherever you are.


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