18 January 2017

Superbalist's Poolside Essentials

Summer is without a doubt my favourite season. There's nothing better than the sun shining brightly in a clear blue sky. It lifts my spirit and puts me in the best of moods. Plus, it opens up the door for lots and lots of outdoor fun! And the best way to have fun and soak up all the Vitamin D is pool side!

Here are my top 5 Pool & Fun Essentials from


First and foremost, a swimsuit. High Waist is my thing so I am inlove with this super cute and bright coloured floral high-waisted bikini bottoms! The top is very feminine and chic.


While we love the sunshine, it can get a little bright on the eyes. Protect them with a pair of these trendy shades.

Flip Flop Sandals

We might not need them when we're splashing away in the water, but it may just come handy (or should I say footy lol) when we're walking around on that boiling hot ground. The flip flop sandals in the picture would go perfect with that floral bikini. Love the metallic rose gold straps. 

Pool Float

A pool session is not complete without relaxing on a float in the water. With so many different shapes and sizes of pool floats out there, be unique with your very own pineapple float that actually looks good enough to eat. Just don't go taking a bite into it while you're in the water.

Beach Towel

Of course you wouldn't want to bask in the sun without a soft and comfy towel underneath you, or be left drenched in water after a dip. A beach towel is an absolute must. I like the blue stripes in this Cabana Stripe Beach Towel. It reminds me of the pool water.

Beach Ball

While the above 5 items are absolute essentials, this here item, the Jumbo Beach Ball, could be quite the essential if you want to maximize the FUN!

Now go have some fun in the sun!


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