24 August 2016

Sky Blue Romper

And just like that, we are a mere week away from September of 2016. As I sit here, looking out the patio door, I can see how the leaves are already falling from the trees with a slight to moderate breeze. I have to accept the fact that summer is slowly but surely starting to bid adieu. It is still freaking hot, though. And the sky is still blue. Just the way I like it.

I was fortunate enough to receive this sky blue romper from Tobi. It was not one of my initial picks because I have certain body insecurities and this romper emphasized one of it. I'm all for showing my legs, obviously, haha! But I am on the shy end when it comes to revealing tops. Not because I shun immodesty, but as pointed out above, I have insecurities. However, just as I embraced the insecurity I had about me legs (always covered it up, believe it or not), I embraced this one too. The result, love. Hopefully I won't be going overboard with this one as with the legs though lol.

Now the thing that I am really excited to tell you about is that I got the shoes for free. Well, not free free. But one could say that considering I got it at a 90% discounted price! And the funny thing is, I spotted it as I was about to exit the mall. I didn't plan to go to that store and buying shoes wasn't the last thing on my mind. It wasn't on my mind at all. And aren't they just gorge! Now you can picture me sitting with it in hand, singing "you were meant for me, and I was meant for yoooou."

The choker is something you would never have seen me wear in a million years. But Raylene Harvey changed all that after I watched her DIY choker video. I was looking for something very minimal to wear with this romper. No bling. So the choker worked perfectly for the look I was going for. If you want to dress up the romper, of course you could add more accessories.

And that's it for today. 

Hakuna Matata!

Romper c/o Tobi
(get 50%off your first order)

DIY Choker inspired by Raylene Harvey

Shoes | Windsor

Bangle & Earrings | Lovisa

Ring & Bag | Forever 21

Until next time, have fun!



  1. Hey hun, you look great in this romper :) I totally get you - when it comes to plunging or revealing necklines... it takes a bit if courage to rock it but thank goodness you did because it totally works for you. And those heels, when I saw your snaps/insta posts about it I nearly died because the colour is perfect - you could wear it with literally any outfit. What a gem of a find. So things are cooling down over there, you say... it's heating up over here, we're actually having a scorcher of a day today and Spring is definitely in the air. I can't wait for the warmer months! I'm so over the cold weather, I have nothing to wear. P.S. love how your choker turned out! Thanks so much for the mention. Looking forward to more posts xoxo RayRay xoxo P.P.S. Missing you lots!

    1. Thanks so much, I'm definitely glad that I chose it because it ended up being my favourite pick!

      I heard Spring seems to be making an early arrival over in CPT. Makes me think of the very first weekend of September last year. It was so hot that I went out and did a shoot in a tank top and short skirt! I'm going to LONG to be there during Summer! The only thing I can look forward to about winter here is going to check out the snow. During one of my previous visits I got to build a snowman and throw some snowballs!

      I have that same dilemma in Winter regarding what to wear. I'm just not a winter person AT ALL. Hopefully I can roll out a couple of more posts before I go into winter hibernation lol! And I'm looking forward to more of your videooooo's! It's really inspiring and motivating!

      Miss you too xx