17 February 2016

Native Fringe

Why, hello there. It's been so long that I don't even know where to begin in catching up. But begin I must, so let me start by saying, 'Happy 2016'! Better late than never, right. I promise I have a valid excuse. But I'll leave that for another day. But do know that it involved two, really lengthy, are we there yet flights and some serious jet lag. Ok ok. Guys, I am in California, USA! Why? Now that I will leave for another day.

This outfit, however, was taken before those tedious flights. So yes, it's long overdue. But hey, there's still a few more weeks of summer left in SA. On that note, Cali weather has been amazing! Other than today, it's been nothing but sunshine galore since I've been here.

I love fringe, but I have seen some pieces that are overly fringe. So I liked that this suede gilet had just the right amount. And it really has that cool Red Indian feel to it with the cut outs. I ordered it online so as with any item ordered online, I took the risk of having it show up and not liking it. Especially since this was something out of my wardrobe norm. I wasn't sure how to wear it though and first tried it on with the exact same dress in plain grey. On the day I went out to take these pics, however, I had this striped version on and decided to leave it on. 

The shoes. What can I say? Well, a song just popped up in my head. An old school one that goes a little something like this, 'The very first time, that I saw your brown eyes, your lips said hello, and I said hi. I knew right then you were the one.' The song of course, is If I ever Fall in love by Shai. 

Boobtube Dress  |  Zando

Suede Gilet  |  MRP

Neck Accessories & Earrings |  Lovisa

Lace up Shoes  |  Lilly's Kloset

Bangle  |  Truworths (old)

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