26 October 2015

Grey Paris

So! I am officially 

Mrs. Grey

That is of course until I get bored and start obsessing over a newer, fresher and sexier colour. What were you thinking? Oh, no dear. I know you were not thinking that Mr. Christian Grey had anything to do with this. There's only one guy for me and his last name certainly isn't Grey. Besides, Christian is way too shady :D 

Let's take a moment to talk about the caption on the top. 
" Cav' the Combo "

You would think that I'd want to know what I'm saying to people when I sport anything that has something written on it. But I was so taken by the colours and design, I simply didn't care. However, when later asked what it meant, it dawned on me that I could very well be walking around making a statement that I don't quite agree with and found that it is a phrase coined by Okmalumkoolkat. Cava is a South African slang word for 'look at' or 'check out'. Combo is the outfit or ensemble.

So people,

Cava. My. Combo.

Top & Pants | Legit

Shoes | Aldo

Shopper | Zando

Phone | Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge

And that's it. I'm off to Paris, now. See you all when i get back!

Just kidding.

Ciao, ciao, for now.


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