08 September 2015

It's a Fringe Spring

Oh what a beautiful mooorning, 
oh what a beautiful day. 
Oh what a beautiful feeeling, 
Spring has finally made it's way!

That was the order of the day this past Saturday, the first weekend of Spring. The sun was at it's peak. It could actually have passed for a Summer's day. It was wonderful.

So how funny is it that to celebrate this beautiful day, I chose to wear a colour I usually associate with gloominess. Grey is the colour of the skies when it is cold and ya, well, gloomy. But when I threw this outfit on, it made me feel anything but dull and gloomy. In fact, I felt quite the opposite. I felt bright, airy and happy!

But let's face it. Spring is not quite summer yet. Saturday's heat was the exception rather than the rule. So when it isn't hot enough for just a tank top, but still a warm Spring Day, this thin and lightweight suede jacket with fringe trims is the perfect outer layer.

Fringe is the bomb diggedy as far as trends are concerned right now; and this jacket incorporates it perfectly. I've had the bag since earlier this year and first debuted it in my Valentine's Day outfit post, Little Red Dress.

The skirt has a hi-lo hem, which is not quite common with bodycon skirts. But it works. I went for a monotone look by pairing it with a grey top, which says 'weekend warrior'; something I think most of us are since we tend to live for the weekends. Sad but true. The weekend is only two days of a seven day week. So basically we spend five days just going with the motions of our daily work routine, as we wait for two days to live freely. That is why it is so important to pursue a career that you enjoy to the fullest!

Top, Skirt & Earrings  |  MRP

Jacket  |  Phenomena, YDE

Bag & Bangle  |  Truworths

Eiffel Tower Pendant necklace  |  Forever 21

Shoes  |  Zoom Footwear

Sunglasses  |  Identity

Ring  |  Legit

Nails  |  Charlie Revlon in Black Diamond (020)

Until next time, have a great Spring, or Fall, wherever you are!



  1. STUNNING!!! SPRING is nature's way of saying, "LET'S PARTY!"

  2. That jacket is amazing! It goes so well with the grey outfit. You look great!