01 September 2015

#BronxWomanSS15 Giveaway

Spring is in the air, everywhere I look around. Spring is in the air, every sight and every sound. Beautiful flowers blooming. Sun shining bright in the sky. Oh, it's something that makes me think that I am dreaming. But it's there when I look to the skies.

I'm singing that song to mask my absolute disbelief that it is in fact Spring already. When I received word from Bronx Woman that they are launching their Spring | Summer collection, I was like, really, we just attended the Autumn | Winter launch. Not that I am complaining. After all, I am not a winter person. I'm all about the sun. So I more than welcome the warmer seasons. Only thing scary about it is the reminder of how fast time flies.

Nevertheless, today is the first day of Spring so

Happy Spring Day!

And, it's also

Shoes Day.

So what better day would there be other than today to launch this fabulous giveaway by myself and Bronx Woman.

You stand a chance to win the stunning Reece (I am wearing it in the picture), as well as the trendy Martina (pictured in white below). Both these styles come in a variety of colours.

All we want to know is whether you are a 

City Girl or a Beach babe.

" The Bronx Woman Beach Babe is known for her effortlessly undone look and love of the strappy flats and pastel espadrilles. Her look goes from flats to beach bar with effortless ease, hitting a wardrobe home run every time. "

" Whether in Jozi, Paris or Prague, the Bronx Woman City Girl is always clean cut and on-point. Nails freshly painted and hair styled to perfection, this urban gal seeks a sleek finish above all else! Sliders for rooftop bars and heels for dance floors, turn down for what! "

How to enter:

Upload a picture to Twitter and/or Instagram indicating your style. Tag me, Angel la vie, and Bronx Woman, in order to gain entry into the competition.

Tell us if you are a City Girl or a Beach Girl!

The picture can be taken in the form of an outfit post, a flatlay of your favorite items, a scenery picture, or anything that represents the girl you are.

And remember to add the hashtag 

I will then choose the winner randomly.

Instagram and Twitter handles are as follows:

Instagram :

Twitter :

We look forward to seeing all your pictures.

Good Luck!



  1. rehana seedat email: dseedat@telkomsa.net Awesome giveaway! I have tweeted @rehanaseedat I am a Beach babe

  2. Love this giveaway. I am a beacg girl 100% . Fingers crossed ♥.