07 July 2015

Denim Dream

It feels as though it's been forever and a year since I've done an outfit post. But it's only been three months. Wait, hold up! Only three months!? Ok ok, that is kinda long. Funny enough, around the same time last year, I also went hiatus for about 2 months. But unlike that time, this time was not owed to a bad stint in my health. But like that time, it has to do with something not in the least bit pleasant. I would describe it as bitter-sweet because it does have an upside. It has taken me on a journey to rediscover my confidence and ability to do things for and by myself. While I have my down moments, the moments I find myself smiling at something I accomplished on my own, outnumbers it.

But ya. Life. Life just has that way about it hey. With a curve ball here, and a curve ball there, here a curve, there a curve, every where curve ball. Ya, I totally sang that to the tune of Old Mc Donald had a farm lol. But seriously, when these curve balls are thrown our way, we need to stand steady and ready to catch that ball. Because catch it we must. It might be spinning from side to side as it takes those curves, but hey, look how fabulous curves look on a woman. Yet, there are people out there who do not like it. It all boils down to subjective opinion. In other words, your mindset and how you respond. You see, we have a choice. We embrace it and see the beauty in it, or we focus on the negative and drown in our sorrows. It is no easy task of course, but we need to find that strength within and let it carry us. Do not underestimate the power of a positive attitude. It is

I thought it apt to continue my outfit post journey with this tank top that says

d r e a m.

After all, it is wanting our biggest dreams to come true that often keeps us going through down times. When I first saw this denim high waist dungaree pencil skirt at Identity, it was sold. I am a lover of all things high waist after all. And since I am overstocked on jeans in that department, a dungaree skirt came more than welcome.

Dungaree Skirt  |  Identity

Tank  |  Edgars

Leather Jacket  |  Edgars

Black Bag  |  Guess via Edgars

Khaki Bag  |  Blackcherry
(more on this bag in my next post)

Ring  |  Legit

Shades  |  YDE

Until next time, have a great day or night, wherever you are!



  1. Yay, she's back and looking FIERCE! I lolled at your curve ball song... I literally read it to the tune of Old McDonald :)
    P.S. Coffee? xoxo

    1. Yay! It certainly is good to BE back haha! Hopefully I can keep it going :)

      Oooh, that COFFEE date seriously needs to happen already!