09 July 2015

Crème Brûlée

Have you ever taken a spoon and just hit the layer of crackly caramel on top of Crème Brûlée? I do it every time a bowl of that delicious custard dessert gets placed in front of me. It's all part of the exciting build up to eventually dipping the spoon further into the smooth velvety texture underneath and scooping out the first bite. Mmmmm. When the taste first hits the tongue. Satisfaction beyond words.

So what exactly does it have to do with a fashion post? Well, if you're addicted to Crème Brûlée as much as I am, then you too would see it in any and every thing that remotely resembles something about it. Even colour. And today's knitted jersey and skirt set makes me want to hurry to the closest restaurant that serves this rich, custard dream. If you are keen on making the real thing at home, try this five star recipe.

But let's take a moment to just appreciate the beauties that are these thigh high boots that I got back in 2011. Wow, 2011. Seems like ages ago! I featured these boots in my very first outfit of the day YouTube video, where you can tell I was still nervous as hell. But my favorite outfit of the day video featuring these babies was definitely this one. I think after putting them away when winter of 2012 was over, I only wore them once in 2013 and not at all in 2014. But this year I saw a few ladies rocking thigh high boots like there is no tomorrow, inspiring me to pull them out. I was instantly reminded how much I loved them so they will be rounding off many an outfit this winter.

The gorgeous and spacious Camel Envelope Tote Bag by Blackcherry Handbags complimented the outfit perfectly, and I thought I would throw in a little more edge with the leather moto jacket and hat.

Now all I want to do is get to that restaurant <3

Knit Jersey and Skirt  |  Legit

Leather Jacket  |  Edgars

Hat  |  Foschini

Bag  |  Blackcherry Handbags via Zando

Gold Leaf Earrings  |  Lovisa

Ring  |  Legit

Hair colour  |  Style Bar

Until next time, have a great day, or night, wherever you are!



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    1. Tell me about it Sandy! And to think I hadn't worn them in almost two years! Shame on me lol xx