27 July 2015

Claire's Art Nails

Last week I attended the SA Launch of Claire's, one of the world leading specialty retailers of fashionable jewellery and accessories for women and girls from kids to tweens. The event was marked by the prettiest of decor, with flowers hanging from the ceiling and colours fit for a princess. It felt as if we were walking into a fairy tale bedroom, with sparkling jewellery and accessories adorning every corner.

One of those corners was home to a mani and pedi station, where we could pick out a set of faux nails from Claire's design nails collection. I chose a set comprised of pink, silver glitter and black and white tribal patterns. Then later, with the voucher's we received to go on a shopping spree at the store inside Cavendish Square mall, I picked out a set that comprised only of matte black with glossy black tips. 

Hence, my nails as seen in the picture above, is a mix between the two sets since my ring fingers have the tribal black and white designed nails on them. I have to say, out of all the faux nails that I have ever applied to my nails before, these have got to be the easiest. After selecting the correct sizes and applying them, they require no further work. From my experience with other faux nails, I usually have to file them quite a bit before they look good. With these, I just applied and they looked perfect.

Needless to say, I absolutely love them. I am a nail art enthusiast and enjoy creating my own designs, but the discovery of this collection at Claire's may just render me too lazy to do it myself haha! Especially since the price tag comes at less than  100 bucks!

I also received this gorgeous Gold Plated Leaf headband, which I almost missed out on since i decided to chat away before going to get one. Fortunately, I spotted a couple hanging on one of the displays and laid claim to it lol! I have always been fascinated with the white and gold attire of the Greek mythology God's and this crown is all about that.

This design takes me back to a design that I actually did do myself more than two years ago, because that design was inspired by the Matte black with Glossy tips trend. I just decided to add a bit (or a lot) more :)

Read more on how I went about doing the design here.

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