14 July 2015

Black Elegance

Sing it with me now!
 When I wake up in the morning, love. And the sunlight hurts my eyes... ♪
 I know I must still be dreaming, because first of all, my curtains are closed and second of all, it's winter and usually still dark when I wake up. So point is, can Summer please just come back already. Like, pronto. Andale andale!

But since I am stuck with winter, the cat within seeks out any bit of sunlight there is. Like right now, I am sitting in a small patch of sunlight being let into my room through a glass door. So I am literally up against the wall, soaking up the sun until it leaves the room completely. Then I will simply move on to a room where the sunlight has not yet escaped.

While we are having some icy cold winter days, there are really nice warm days being thrown in the mix. On the day I shot this outfit, the sun shone bright. Good thing, otherwise my arms would have given people the impression that I am turning into sub-zero and about to turn everything into ice. But anyhoo, isn't the combination of black and gold just wow? Black in itself has a built-in elegance mechanism. Add a touch of gold, and you get that wow factor.

I am so proud of how I have embraced my manly shoulders. Lol! Yes. Manly shoulders. That's just how I see it ok. One of the reasons why I never wanted to wear tank tops. But! I have come to love it. The only way to overcome your insecurities is to embrace it and see it in a positive light. Which is what I did with my shoulders and legs. Considering the fact that 99.9% of my outfits show off my legs, would you believe that I never liked my legs to the point that I always hid them. It was in very recent years that I started to wear anything above the knee. Maybe that's why I am overdoing it now lol. Kinda like a child who was sheltered as they grew up and then goes wild when let loose because of the sudden exposure and realization of what they had been missing out on.

As much as I love black and gold, I thought I would throw in this two toned handbag, which adds a nice pop of colour to the overall look. Another gem from Blackcherry Handbags, it has plenty of space and compartments to store all your daily necessities and more.

Top & Skirt  |  Identity

Shoes  |  Aldo

Hat  |  Foschini

Bag  |  Blackcherry Handbags

Earrings  |  Lovisa

Hair Colour  |  Style Bar

Until next time, have a great day, or night, wherever you are!



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