05 May 2015

Met Gala 2015 | Beyonce vs Kim Kardashian

So I feel kind of cliché doing this post because I see there are already a couple of it going around. BUT, come on, who can resist this comparison? Especially since it involves the two women who have the highest following on Instagram, and whose friendship has come under scrutiny, as gossip has it that Bey is not all that fond of Key, while Key has always been besotted with Bey. Bey married, Key Married (Bey's husband's best friend). Bey had a baby, Key had a baby. But I think Bey really hit a sore spot when she didn't attend Key's wedding. Really, Bey, what kind of a BFF are you!? Lol. 

Last year, I compared Beyonce and Rihanna's Met Gala outfits, and here we have Beyonce once again. And boy did she make sure to stand out this time. Especially since Riri took the victory last year and Bey kinda didn't stand out all too much (except of course for the little elevator incident after the event).

Beyonce took over social media when she gave fans a preview of herself in her dress on Instagram. But I'm sure tongues really started flying when Kim attended the event in a dress very similar to Bey's when they both opted to go for the sheer trend. Sheer as in see-through, making all the ignorants say the usual 'they may as well have gone naked blah blah blah nonsense nonsense nonsense'. And people must not even start with the whole whore, slut, you're a mama crap cos seriously, I think these dresses were not only stunning, but very elegant and chic.

But now the question is, who looked better? In my opinion, the dresses, while similar in respect of concept, have very different overall looks. With more sheer parts, Beyonce's dress is a bit more fun and sexy, while Kim's is more formal and sophisticated. When I first saw pictures of the two dresses, I leaned more towards Kim. But after going through several pictures with clearer close-ups, I was so wowed by Beyonce, that I became torn. And now, I am full-on Beyonce! I love Kim's dress and she looked absolutely stunning, and I can totally understand why some people would prefer her look. But for me, there is just more of a spark with all the colours and that high blonde pony-tail in Bey's look. Although at certain angles, the hair seems a little too tight and high in the middle lol.

Kim announced that her dress was inspired by the dress worn by Cher at the very first Met Gala, but people have been saying that it seems to look more like the dress Beyonce wore to the event a few years ago. What do you think? I think she could be telling the truth, but there's definitely big similarities to Bey's dress as well.

But without further ado, here's what you really came here for.

Victory for Bey this year, YAY!

Oh and did I mention that J-Lo went sheer too? I think she looked just as amazing!

And that's it!

Have a great day, or night, wherever you are!


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