29 April 2015

Women in White with Surf Laundry

Keep dazzling in white no matter what.

This was the motto On Tuesday the 21st of April, as Surf Laundry hosted an event that I wish I could relive over and over again. From the decor to the outfits, everything really did dazzle in white. The view from the Twelve Apostle's Hotel was astounding, and served as a relaxing way to bid adieu to the sun, as it slowly set into the beautiful ocean. It was the perfect backdrop to celebrate

Women in White.

These are women who are influencers. Independent women who have created a powerful voice for themselves in what seems to be a male dominated society. Women who have in one way or another empowered themselves and who aspire to uplift other women as well. They serve as inspiration and also, motivation, for other women to reach for their dreams irrespective of any obstacles. And I absolutely love this concept, as it is one of the main reasons I blog. I want to inspire others to follow their dreams and passions, just as I was inspired a few years ago. I believe that women should stand together, help one another and not fall into the stereotype of women usually being nasty towards each other.

I will share more about my story when I wear and take a picture in the beautiful white 'mutable concept' dress gifted to us at the event. The dress, by Black Coffee, can be styled in more than 5 different ways! Once I share my story, I will wash out the dress with my Surf Auto of course, then pass it on to a woman who I admire for her achievements in life. She will then do the same as I did and this process will continue until the dress has gone through five women in total. Hence, we share the dress as a symbol of our admiration. I find it so exciting as I would absolutely love to read the inspiring stories of all the different women and simply be dazzled by it. It is also Surf's way of proving to us that it really does keep our white's bright!

Wearing her Black Coffee dress, the gorgeous Miss South Africa 2000 turned TV Presenter and International Master of Ceremonies, Jo-Ann Strauss, was our MC for the evening. She honored her university lecturer, Professor Rachel Japhta, by presenting her with one of the dazzling dresses. Jo-ann went on to give an additional two dresses to Laykin Rudolph and Natalie Mpolane, who are currently university students who attended one of Jo-ann's leadership weekends while they were still at school. Surf brand ambassador, Carol Tshabalala, looked absolutely beautiful as she donned her Black Coffee dress as well. She presented a dress to Hangwani Nengovhela, who is the respected designer of  Rubicon Clothing. She was wearing one of her designs and it really caught my eye from the moment I saw it.

The event also boasted a Pledge Wall, on which we could attach our own little notes of inspiration and motivation.

It was truly a magical evening and I thank Surf Laundry for having me. I love the Swarovski pen, as well as the glamorous notebook from Typo. I will definitely be dropping by the Twelve Apostles Restaurant again. The food was amazing!

Keep a look out for my post wearing the stunning Black Coffee dress!

And remember,

Keep dazzling in White
with Surf Auto!

Below images by Event Photographer:

The stunning Crystalline Lady Ballpoint Swarovski Pen:

Closer look at my outfit for the evening.

Dress |  Milla from YDE

Jacket  |  Identity

And that's it!

Have a great day, or night, wherever you are!



  1. WOW, Angel! I absolutely LOVE the concept of the white dress being passed on to different women.
    Looks like it truly was a magical evening - amazing pics, as always :)
    Looking forward to your post with the dress xoxo

    1. Yes, it's a wonderful concept that brings women together as they share their stories in the hope to inspire other women!

      It truly was a stunning evening :)


  2. This looked like one stunning event and the entire concept is just wonderful!

  3. Stunning! Love the way you write... can truly say that you speak to me and writing from your heart. Your passion shines through!