26 February 2015

The only BS I need

Ok, so right now I'm asking myself whyyy in the world I chose to watch the 2015 Oscar awards while doing this post. I was actually just looking for the 'Sound of Music' tribute by Lady Gaga. I caught a glimpse of it yesterday and I was blown away! Needless to say, it's taking me more than just a tad bit longer to get this done. But done it will be. Ain't none of that now or never BS. 

Talking about BS...

BUT, there are always exceptions. If your BS stands for Bags and Shoes, you can hand it to me anytime darlin'! So how cool is this top. It's as if you're walking around telling people, in advance, not to give you any shit today. lol :p

So clearly I stepped out of the, or rather, my norm here. I mean, where are the leeegs!? I'm all about that legs, ya know. I actually felt as though I was turning my back on them here :/ But I explained it to them very nicely. I was giving them a well-deserved break hehe! This wide striped monochrome skirt was just too good to pass up, even though I remind myself of a caterpillar when i have it on.

I simply had to throw in some colour other than my make-up and nails, and I thought a pair of hot red heels would be the perfect cherry on top. Well, in this case, the bottom. Can you tell that I've been bumming around in Legit lately? Both top and Skirt came out of their fab range.

Top, Skirt & Rings |  Legit

Shoes  |  Sissy Boy

Hat  |  Foschini

Sunglasses  |  YDE

Earrings  |  MRP

Midi Ring  |  Call it Spring

Bracelet  |  Forever 21

Until next time, have a great day, or night, wherever you are!

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Much love,


  1. Absolutely love everything about this!

  2. I also want more BS in my life!!! Especially if it comes with beautiful clothes like this!