13 February 2015

Little Red Dress

Why is it that when I utter the words 'little red dress', this little guy comes to mind?

Dare I say his name? Of course! It's 'Red Devil'. Isn't he just adorable, horns and all? You see, even if you're a naughty little devil, you can still be cute, inside and out :)

But as we all know, red is associated with Valentine's Day, which is tomorroooow! It is pretty much the colour of love. Red is such a fierce, bold colour. So if you asked me, if you deem red as a reflection of your love, I would think there is some seriously hot passion going on there. More often than not, red makes a statement and one that simply cannot be ignored. That is why a red dress is everything hot, sultry and sensual. There's no sweet, cute or any other of that softness going on.

When I got this dress, I realized that I've actually never had a little red dress before. Shocking. It goes so perfect with my character. I can tell you one thing, my wardrobe will soon be filling up with LBR's! Forget the LBD! SO, if you are daring enough and want to sweep your partner off their feet, go red or go home. lol!

But before I love and leave you, I simply have to say something about the bag, and this is it: 

at first sight.

For some strange reason, the red in the pictures is being distorted once uploaded. Please note that is actually a very smooth red and fabric.

Dress, Jacket and Arm Cuff  |  Truworths

Shoes  |  Steve Madden

Arm Chain  and Sunglasses |  MRP

Earrings, Ring and Neck Piece  |  Legit

Midi Rings  |  Call it Spring and Forever 21

Have a beautiful day as we all join in and celebrate what our world needs most:



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