06 January 2015

White Lace

Come on, sink in already! 

We're already 6 days into the new year and I can't quite seem to get use to the fact that 2014 is gone. It just went by so ridiculously fast. Faster than any other year before it. For the first time, ever I think, I really sat down and reflected on the past year. I asked myself,

'Where am I now as opposed to a year ago?'. 

I toggled between so many different things that I had to assess every one individually. I realized which of these things took a step back and which of it took a step forward. As a perfectionist, I found myself discontent. My blog was one of the things that took a step back. The rate at which my blog progressed in 2013 was far better than 2014. This was because of some extra activities I took on in 2014. As it was things completely new to me, I focused on it and my blog took a backseat. Then there was also my legal world. I am an attorney. Surprised? Lol, I bet you are. But I'm sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that my legal and blogging worlds are very different. I feel like two different people when I'm doing legal work and when I am doing blogging related 'things''. I refuse to call it work. Funny enough, the two persons are always questioning each other. But the truth is, I enjoy both worlds. I AM both people. It's both part of me. I have a passion for blogging and I have a passion for being a lawyer. I can't let go of either. However, it goes without saying that both worlds are demanding, and maintaining a balance between the two is hard. I didn't quite manage that very well in 2014. And the additional activities I referred to above didn't make it any easier. But what I can say is that I learnt a lot through 2014 and I have made a conscious decision to change this and be more organized. I want to maintain everything equally and hopefully by the end of 2015, every one of my ventures will shine.

But I firmly believe that blogging is more of a fun/hobby activity, so I don't want to turn it into something too stringent, like a hardcore 'job', so to speak. That's when it becomes stressful when in fact it is supposed to be the stress reliever. If I receive any benefits out of it, it's just a bonus. The real award should simply be the joy that a hobby-like passion brings one.

So 2015 came, and the next thing you know, 2016 will be at the door, ready to come barging in. Years are the type of guests who come announced, but whose visit we never fully prepared for. But we have no choice but to open that door and welcome them in. So in the end, how their visit goes is up to us. We should  learn from the previous year's visit and make the current year's visit better.

On New Year's Day I wore White on White, as white is associated with something fresh. I love this lace shorts that was another 'meant for me' item I found at Edgars. No really, it was meant for me. I was waiting for someone who was at customer service and decided to browse through the kiddies section which so happened to be right there. There, front and center, it was hanging (misplaced of course), waiting for me to take it home. Thank you to whoever put it there, for allowing destiny to take it's course :) Lace is so feminine and chic.

I tried on a few other tops, but this oldish one from MRP worked out the best. Due to the patterns on the shorts, it's best to pair it with something simple on top.

Later in the day, I swapped the shorts for my striped monochrome Skort and braided my hair into a fishtail.

So I'll end off this post by saying thank you to everyone who has supported my blog during 2014. I hope you will stick around for 2015 and that you have a wonderful year! No matter how hard it is to let go of a year, the next one brings with it the opportunity for a fresh new beginning!

Top and Skort  |  MRP

Lace Shorts  |  Edgars

Clutch and Purse  |  MRP

Shoes  |  Steve Madden

Until next time, have a good day, or night, wherever you are!

Much love,


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  1. I love this post, Angel - I've mentioned to you before how I love this kind of introspective post... it's a great way to get inside the mind of the person behind the blog and I'm excited to see what's in store for the Angel La Vie Blog in 2015!
    Oh, and I totally get what you mean about the shorts hanging there, out of it's element, like it was meant for you! And it certainly was because you look great in it. Loving the fish tail braid ;) xoxo