14 January 2015

Sensual Chiffon Playsuit

While I hate how fast time flies, time has given me great insight into various aspects of life. This has given me the ability to understand other people and especially how we all differ so vastly in character. I like to look at everything with an open mind as this allows for greater compassion towards others, rather than playing judge. I know it can be difficult at times, but if we close our minds to the way other people think, we will live in constant annoyance and even hatred. It's a well-known fact that how we think and feel about things has a lot to do with our upbringing. A time that we were growing, learning, and not inclined to think for ourselves or beyond what was being printed into our heads. And once you have been brainwashed (so to speak), it is hard to get your mind out of that box in which it has been anchored, especially if you haven't been exposed to other things and encouraged to think for yourself. And when I say think for yourself, I mean really think for yourself as in questioning and evaluating even the beliefs you were brought up to think is the right way. Many people may think that if you do not have a set way of life where religion, culture and beliefs are concerned, you did not have a good and stable upbringing. But in all honesty, of all the types of people that I have come across, it is these very people who are of the most humble and understanding towards others. While it isn't true for all, I have come to realize that many religious or cultural people tend to be judgmental in one way or another, due to their set way of thinking. I was brought up as a Christian, but was exposed to people from many different walks of life through travelling and even locally. For goodness sake, being of mixed heritage, I myself have plenty running through my veins. I still believe in Christianity. But I also believe in every other prophet who is worshiped as a God in the various religions. No, I'm not confused. My mind had been opened not only by the exposure to others as mentioned above, but also through certain life-changing events I've experienced, both good and bad. I believe that all these prophets walked the earth, teaching good. That is why I am so happy to have discovered the Unitarian Church, a church that embraces all religions and encourages unity and respect for all beliefs. This past festive season, for the first time in years, I felt comfortable to attend church. It was a Christmas mass, yet a candle was lit for every religious prophet. However, I do also believe that some of the teachings of prophets were manipulated by man, to suit their own subjective thoughts on how life should be lived. But religion is usually a debate best avoided. I respect whatever beliefs you have and I do hope that you respect mine. You may be wondering why in the world I chose to write about this, but with all the madness going on in this world and people often using religion to commit crime, the most recent being the Charlie Hebdo saga, it makes me sad to see how people are being judged and marginalized due to the manner in which only some practice the religion. It is quite evident that religion can be manipulated and used to suit man. I can not for the life of me believe that any prophets encouraged anything that would remotely involve violence or the judging and slaying of others in their name. But I know that many people practice their religion/culture/beliefs in a very civilized and compassionate manner, without judging others. And big up's to them!

But let's get to today's outfit, shall we? I think it goes without saying that I am a playsuit lover. Up to now, I've had playful playsuits. Although the last two I featured was versatile as it could be worn both formal and informally. Here I went for something a little different. The playsuit in today's post is definitely more on the formal side. I equate chiffon with feminine and super chic. It would do good for a formal daytime event or evening out. I really can't see how it can be worn very casually. Well, if you're into streetstyle, I'm sure you'll find a way. Perhaps a pair of funky sneakers and socks, backpack and a snapback on top.  

But this. This is my way.


I did it myyyy waaaay!

I couldn't resist combining the black with gold. But to keep it from the typical black and gold combination, I went with a white purse, which fit right in with the gold studs. While of course I was tempted to throw on my gold Aldo heels, I decided to make the overall look a little less glam with my nude coloured Steve madden Maarla's.

And That's it for the picture overlooooad :D

Playsuit, Sunglasses  & Purse  |  MRP

Belt  |  YDE

Shoes  |  Steve Madden Maarla

Lips  |  Mac Ruby Woo and Good Kisser

Earrings and Necklace  |  Lovisa

Thanks for dropping by.

Until next time, have a good day, or night, wherever you are!

Much Love,


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  1. Beautiful Outfit and message. No matter which path we choose to walk, we are all still going in the same direction. ;)