23 January 2015

Blackcherry, Lace and Palm Trees

Blackcherry, lace and Palm Trees...
Were you as curious and confused as I would have been had I read this title for a look post if it were not me that wrote it? Ok, even that sentence sounds confusing. Let me rephrase. Did you wonder what this Blackcherry, Lace and Palm Trees was all about? 

Well there you have it! While I would simply love to be lying underneath some palm trees on a delightfully sunlit island with a fruity cocktail in hand, this palm tree printed pants makes me feel so good that I can enjoy just lying underneath some regular trees with my feet in a dirt road instead lol! I was a bit unsure about it when I saw it hanging in the shop, as I thought it wouldn't look flattering on my body shape. But I kinda liked what I saw in the fitting room so ya, it went right home with me! In this post, I featured a white lace shorts and mentioned how I equate lace with super feminine and chic, and that is exactly why I got this beautiful lace crop top. What adds to the feminine aspect is the shoulder cut.

A couple of weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised when I received an invite from Blackcherry Handbags to be a guest blogger. I noticed them some time ago because of their gorgeous handbags but just never got around to purchasing from them. I know. Silly me. What have I been waiting for, right? While I would usually just go for a black or white bag with a monochrome outfit, I really liked how this bag went with it. The colour is neutral and will pretty much go with any coloured outfit. Blackcherry Handbags are available for sale on a number of online purchasing websites including Zando, Spree, Sassy Chic, Miles for Style, Fashion Church, Handbag Collection, Kalahari and Fashion Hub. The bag I have is the Woven Texture Satchel and was chosen from the Sassy Chic website here.

And that's it!

Top and Pants  |  Edgars

Shoes  |  Sissy Boy

Rings  |  Lovisa and Legit

Earrings  |  Lovisa

Nails  |  Revlon Red

Have a great day, or night, wherever you are!

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  1. Beautiful Angel! Love how you can make any outfit look so clasic and chic. You look great in those pants xoxo