03 November 2014

Shift Dress Delight

When I first laid my eyes on this dress, I thought that it was pretty, but not for me. I just couldn't picture myself in it. Why? Simply because you may or may not have noticed that I like clothing that compliments my every curve. I always thought of a shift dress as one for women who shied away from showing their figures as it hides your silhouette with a loose fit. Boy did I prove myself wrong when I decided to present myself with a challenge when I picked it as one of the designs for a collaboration with Duo Design Collection.

I said 'look here Missy. It's time for a change. And this dress is an excellent way to do just that'.

So yes, I made the shift from my usual style. I wasn't very excited until I tried it on. It doesn't show off the silhouette in the typical body-hugging way, yet it still shows off the body of a woman in it's own sensual and feminine way. The soft chiffon outer layer and the lace detailing on top makes you want to fall inlove (or over again) and jet off to Paris. It feels as though you're floating on air and want to tip toe your way through the clouds. It just goes to show. How many times do we miss out on clothing items because it required us to step out of our comfort zone and try something new? This makes me rethink my position on boyfriend jeans. I may just give it a try after all.

Naturally I had to throw on my brand new nude Steve Madden's that I got on my Voucher Venture. Since the complete outfit is composed of a soft colour palette, I gave it a pop of colour with my lipstick, which is a combination of Mac Ruby Woo and Good Kisser. Of course you could add the pop by way of a colourful handbag or even shoes.The atmosphere played along perfectly well with the look and feel of this entire ensemble.

Peaceful. Quiet. Sensual.

Dress  |  Duo Design Collection YDE
Can either be bought in Store or delivered to you

Shoes  |  Steve Madden Maarla

Bag  |  MRP

Rings  |  MRP and Forever 21

Lipstick  |  Mac Ruby Woo and Good Kisser

And that's it!

Have a good day, or night, wherever you are and remember, make that shift. Hehehe!

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  1. You have fantastic style!

    So happy to have discovered your blog <3

    XoXo One Stiletto At a Time

  2. Lovely dress for Summer! Sometimes the clingy dresses are too hot! This looks perfect for the hot days!

  3. You are wonderful, it is not a dispute!!!