17 November 2014

Pink Icon

What is an icon?

~ An icon is anyone who you look up to. An iconic person. Someone who inspires you and who represents what you aspire to be like. It's not just who a group or society thinks of as an icon because everyone has different tastes and feelings on things.

Speaking of icons, my reason for starting to blog stems back to YouTube a couple of years ago. I started to watch Hair Tutorials and Outfit of the Day Video's and discovered the power of social media platforms when I noticed many YouTube gurus, who inspired me to start doing it myself. The fact that any regular person could use it to express themselves fascinated me. And when I say regular, I mean people who are not famous or rather, a celebrity. Literally anyone could take a video and upload it to YouTube. This really captured my interest in a big way! Since I can remember, one of the things I said I wanted to be when I grow up, was an actress. Unfortunately I didn't find myself in Hollywood and didn't have the means or knowledge to get there. Not that Hollywood is the only place where you can be an actress but it was my dream ( so cliche, I know haha). And even though YouTube wasn't the silver screen, it was still a way to be on camera and do what I always wanted to do. And the best part about it was that I could be my own writer, directer and producer! I thought it would be so easy since I would do it from the comfort of my own home. But boy was I nervous when I first started. I even got stage fright to an invisible audience lol. I literally had to make notes to remind myself what to say. Anyway, fast forward to now and I have not made a YouTube video in ages. Not because I lost interest, but because I loved to be creative with it and my computer was giving me too much grief during the editing process. I then discovered Instagram and it took over my life, lol. At least for a little while. I was so impressed with how fast my following built up. Not because I wanted to be able to say I've got so many followers, but because it was an indication to me that I was doing something people liked. In other words, I was inspiring others, and that really meant alot to me since that was one of the reasons I started everything in the first place. I must be honest though. Somewhere along the line, I lost the plot. Or let me rather say, I left the plot. Life got a little busy outside of taking pictures for Instagram and I wasn't delivering like I use to. Recently however, I made the conscious decision to get things back on track and I am moving full steam ahead. But I really miss making YouTube video's and am seriously thinking of doing that again too! So watch this space!

I was inspired by those who I regard as YouTube icons to start doing something I love, and I hope that I can inspire others to do the same and live up to what this top says:

Icon Girl!

p.s. I'm so happy that I have embraced tank tops! It has officially become a summer favorite of mine.

Top, Skirt & Purse  |  MRP

Shoes  |  Nine West

Necklace  |  Edgars

Accessories  |  Zuri, Lovisa & MRP

And that's it!

I'll leave you with this:


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