25 November 2014

Classic Black Playsuit

If you saw my previous post, you would recall that it was titled Angelic Playsuit, and the reason was the fact that it was white and combined with gold accessories and shoes, it gave off an angelic radiance. So I thought, as I was about to start this post, since this one is black, should I title this Demonic Playsuit? I laughed out loud at the idea and am still sitting with a smile on my face at the thought. But as funny as it comes across to me, knowing how judgmentally hateful society is, I'm pretty sure that there are many people who will find reasons to look at it that way. Which brings me to this message, and I'm sure you have seen many similar quotes and sayings: There is always going to be someone that criticizes you, no matter what. Always. So please, live life exactly how you want to. Those who mind don't and shouldn't matter, because if they really cared about you, they would want you to live a free and happy life. Period.

So just as white and gold makes for a stunning combination, so does black and gold. Contrary to popular belief, black can be worn in summer. Especially in the form of something so comfy and lightweight as a playsuit. For this outfit, I decided to add another colour. Brown. And I did this to add a casual touch. Ah, let me just be honest. It was because of the shoes. It was calling, no, screaming my name when I was pulling on the playsuit. Otherwise I was simply going to give you the black and gold version of the Angelic Playsuit post lol. So like the baby who gets it's way with a little bit of yelling, the shoes merrily made it's way onto my feet. Not that I mind. In fact, I quite liked the outcome. And to add edge, I threw in the leather jacket, which of course would only literally come into the mix when the sun has well set on a rather breezy summer's night.

I've really been loving the metallic tattoo trend but just haven't gotten around to getting my hands on them yet. So I thought I'd make an alternative plan and add the upper arm accessories, which are really just regular arm bangles pushed to the top.

It was a perfect day with that strong wind seemingly having taken leave. I hope it's having a fabulous time wherever it is so that it could just stay there and forget about little old Cape Town :D
Let us get on with Summer the proper way darn it! Lol

Playsuit & Rings |  MRP

Shoes  |  Steve Madden

Necklace |  Forever 21

Sunglasses  |  Foschini

Bag  |  Edgars

Nails  |  Tip Top in Gold Digger

Full list of make-up used here.

And that's it!

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