11 November 2014

Checkered Edge

Ok so I just uploaded this picture and my mind is blank. Reason? I've been hypnotized by Elvis Presley singing ♫ Love me tender, love me dear ♫ on YouTube. I honestly think that I may have lived during his prime time. As in a previous life. I am just way too besotted with his music for someone my age.

Anyhow, let me just clear my head of all that is Elvis so that I can get to talking about this outfit. Starting with the centerpiece of it all, the Bralette top. Another pick from Duo Design Collection and another piece that shows off their diversity. I love how I was able to pick three very different pieces so that I too could be diverse in my posts. This bralette is the definition of edgy. Paired with a leather jacket, Perfecto! Initially I was going to wear the exact same styled skirt in leather. Buuut, then I thought the leather was a bit too much so I went with this check-print skirt cos, you know, plaid is so hot right now lol. On the topic of the skirt though, this was actually the first of it's kind that flattered my body. I have tried many and every time it makes my legs look like sticks, or it just looks oversized. I was sooo pleasantly surprised when this one did neither of those and fit just right. Although from certain angles it looks like my rear is pregnant LOL! That.. didn't sound.. right; but anyway, if you know what I mean, you know what I mean!

Can you tell that I've got Paris on my mind lately? When I feel like I'm in the clouds, I think clouds in Paris, as mentioned in my previous post when the dress I wore made me feel just that. And here I had to throw in a bit of Paris as well. See that oh so cute Forever 21 pendant serving as a reminder of the city that is number 1 on my bucket list?

I had to do this shoot super fast because the location was reserved for a party that was starting in 15 minutes. I can't believe there's no sign of the panic of someone walking in at any moment on my face. Guess it's the leather. You know how it goes. You have to be cool and all. So ya, I had to keep my cool. At least on the face of it. By the way, Elvis wore black leather jackets alot and dayum, did he pull it off well ^^ 
And he was actually quite the comical guy who liked to joke around while singing! This video of him performing Heartbreak Hotel is a must watch haha! Oh, and he's wearing leather.. so, um, ya. Watch away!

(available at YDE Stores or direct delivery upon request )

Skirt  |  MRP

Jacket  |  Edgars

Shoes  |  Aldo

Necklace  |  Forever 21

Bracelets  |  Zuri

Rings  |  MRP & Call it Spring

And that's it!

Have a great day, or night, wherever you are.


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