08 November 2014



This term is used to describe a dress or skirt that is tight fitting. It literally hugs your figure and shows off the contours of the body, hence the word bodyCON.

That being said, it obviously falls into the more daring style of clothing. It takes a bit of confidence in your body. Although it is usually said that this type of dress is suited for women with an hourglass figure ( bust and hips roughly of equal size and a narrow waist ), I have seen many a lady with body shapes totally pulling it off. I think that if there's enough confidence in the woman and she carries herself well, anything can look good on her. The tight stretchy material accentuates your curves so if you are comfortable with your curves and want to show it off, the bodycon is for you.

This dress is the complete opposite of the shift dress featured in my previous post. There I stepped out of my comfort zone and here I stepped right back into it. This is another dress I chose from Duo Design Collection and the vast difference in style and design between it and the shift dress shows the versatile range you can find at this brand. I love the sweetheart bust-line and the blush coloured pattern on the bust. The dress is sexy but still elegant and stylish, making it the ultimate in chic dresses.

Find Duo Designs at YDE Stores or contact them to deliver to you directly.

Necklace  |  Accessorize

Bangle  |  Chameleon YDE

Rings  |  MRP & Call It Spring

Shoes  |  Sissy Boy

Lipstick  |  Mac Ruby Woo & Good Kisser

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