22 November 2014

Angelic Playsuit

I remember it clearly. November 2011. San Diego, California. I was on the Forever 21 website when I came across a range of playsuits. I took to the trend immediately and purchased so many that in a subsequent YouTube haul video, I subtitled it 'Rompers Galore'.

It's cute, fun and comfortably lightweight, making it the perfect Summer piece. It goes so well with my personality and style that if it were a human, I would say we clicked immediately. It's my go-to item in the wardrobe on hot days and can be pulled on in less than a minute. Outfit sorted. The only thing you need to worry about is the accessorizing and shoes, which will depend on where you're wearing it to. You can dress up any romper. Ah, yes. Romper. In case some of you are wondering why I'm calling it that, it is the name I came to know it as back then. Even though playsuit, as it is called here in SA, has been printed into my head ever since my return and it's rise over here (delayed at that), romper still comes up first when I see these all-in-one statement pieces. I actually saw (and loved) this romper, oops, playsuit, in an outfit post of another blogger a couple of months ago and she bought it at Top Shop. I didn't even realize it's the exact same one when I ordered it from MRP, where I'm pretty sure I got it at a quarter of the price it was going for at Topshop. 

If you look really fast, you could mistake it as a really, really short dress because of the front side panel flaps, which actually add character and style to the playsuit. I decided to go with a formal look here but I will also be showing you how to style it a bit more casually in an upcoming post. I pulled out these golden Aldo heels that I got a couple of years ago for my wedding. I've worn it only twice since then and it even still has the price sticker at the bottom. Some people's pet peeve lol. The combination of white and gold gives off an angelic radiance and also reminds one of Greek Mythology. This colour combination is not associated with Greek Gods and Goddesses for nothing. It goes together majestically. But speaking of Greek mythology, remember a while back I told you about Hercules who will be visiting soon? Well, the bugger cancelled on us. Said something about needing to work out more. Guys, they never know when to stop with the pumping. As if he doesn't have enough macho going on in those arms and legs. But if you ask me, it's just an excuse. I think he is in that man child state I mentioned.

Before I end off, can we just talk about the wind in Cape Town lately. I mean, just look at this:


At one point during the shoot I got so mad and wondered if there's any way we could demand to speak to the weather God's. I mean, seriously, I can't have hair sticking to my lipstick and teeth all the time while trying to pull these 'why so serious' faces lol. But at times it does add a touch of creativity, as seen in the picture above. I guess it was trying to tell me that I need to do something different with my hair for a change. So I guess it has it's pro's and cons, just like everything else in this world. It also sparked the idea for me to take this jacket with since it wasn't throwing the warmest of  gusts at me.

Romper/Playsuit  |  MRP

Shoes  |  Aldo

Bag & Rings  |  MRP

Neck Piece  |  Identity

Earrings & Bracelet  |  Lovisa Jewellery

Jacket  |  Bought in Hong Kong a few years ago

Make-up :

Lipstick  |  Mac Ruby Woo over Mac Good Kisser

Blusher  |  Avon in Russet

Eyebrows  |  NYC in Brunette 876

Nail Polish  |  Revlon Red

Look out for my upcoming post featuring this romper in black.

Until next time, have a grat day, or night, wherever you are.

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  1. Beautiful Angel. You sure do look radiant in white! xo