30 October 2014

Black and White Girl in Skirt and Pearls

They say diamonds are a girls best friend. It's glamorous and shiny and once you set eyes on it, you are mesmerized. But there is a precious gemstone that is not as in the lime light as diamonds, yet it has so much potential when it comes to dressing up an outfit. Whether it's around your neck, adorns your arms or fingers, pearls add a classic and timeless look. Even though their prime time was decades ago, style icons Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn are still looked up to because of their classic style which many a time included a string of pearls around their neck. Up to now, when someone tries to mimic Audrey, pearls are a must. It gives any outfit a polished look and immediately there is a sense of class.

If you look at my outfit, you see a short skirt. A very short skirt at that. And to many, short skirts equal sleaziness, But if you ask me, there is nothing sleazy about this. But speaking about the skirt, when I initially saw it hanging with about 50 more on the sale rails, the asymmetrical geometric front made me think it was a skort, as based on the popular design by ZARA.

The way I come about the pearls was the top. The turtle neck in itself gave a classic look so I decided to finish off the classic look with pearls.

Top  |  Edgars (old)

Skirt, Clutch & Rings  |  MRP

Shoes  |  Aldo

And the pearls... It's oold. 
But Pearls can be found at Edgars, Woolworths & Lovisa.

Until next time, have a good day, or night, wherever you are!

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Ciao Ciao, for now.


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