27 September 2014

Tribal Wilderness

If I were all by myself in the wilderness, I'd be scared shitless. Yet at the same time, I could totally see myself being the survivor in the Hunger Games. Watch our JenLaw!

So today's post. Jeez, another one that reflects my style evolution over the past couple of years. Seriously, me in those type of boots, say, a year ago? The old me would have given it the Raised eyebrow and skew lips. Thankfully there is a new me. A me that has a more open mind when it comes to fashion and style. So instead of giving the boot the boot, I gave it a go. And mind you, I quite like it.

I wish I had some body paint to go all tribal tattoo on my body so it could blend in with the shorts (sorta) that I picked up at the Forever 21 SA Launch. Truthfully, I was a bit two minded about getting it due to the price tag. It came at over R300. I am not usually prepared to spend that much on a pair of shorts. A dress for sure. But not shorts. However, upon further assessment I realised that it's not just any shorts. The fabric makes it weather versatile. It's thick, stretchy and can totally be worn with a pair of thick leggings during the cold seasons. This shorts right here is quality. So it was pricey with good reason. While trying on the shorts with the sweetheart bust-lined crop, I spotted the shirt lying around in my room and threw it on. I actually never wore it before. Same thing with the shoes. Have it over a year and never worn. I'm starting to think I'm a serial hoarder.

Get ready for a picture overload because I'm showing you a couple of ways to get with this outfit.  



For the love of Close-ups

Yaaa! You made it through all those pics!

Thank You!

Shorts & Accessories | Forever 21

Top | Blake, YDE

Shirt | Cotton On

Booties | Foschini

Heels | Sissy Boy

Now you go on and have yourself a great day, or night, wherever you are :)

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Ciao Babies!




  1. Cool outfit. Good for an outdoor festival (minus the heels of course lol).