16 August 2014

Take the Moment and Make it Happy


Sometimes we love it and other times, quite frankly, we hate it. I've experienced the latter all too many a time. I have actually had life get me so down that I just wanted the ground to swallow me in. But I want to focus on the words ' life get me so down '. How does life get us down really? Experiences, circumstances, negative feelings for or from other people? Whatever it is, it's about our response to it. And when you really look at it, it's ultimately how we look at it. In my post, Vacation with the Gods, I said that we have the ability to look at anything in a positive way by taking the positive out of it. Even if the negative outweighs the positive.

I have actually been through some really  hard situations in my life. But you know how I dealt with it? From the beginning, I told myself  'everything will be okay. Be positive.' And I can tell you, it really helps to have such a positive attitude.I have read so many stories of people who were able to get through very difficult times by having a positive attitude.

In any tough situation, you have a choice as to how you are going to respond to it. Yes, it's very difficult to be positive when it seems life is just against you, but think about it this way. You are alive and today is the youngest you will ever be. Time is passing by, and it's passing by fast. Every moment matters. I have told myself that every time I feel inclined to sob about something or things, I need to ask myself how it is affecting the overall quality of my life and those who are affected by mine. Do I really want a life full of negative feelings aka unhappiness.

I recently came across a very good article that first of all makes you answer a bunch of questions to see whether or not you are a negative person, and then gives advice on how to be more positive. If you look at everything negatively, you are setting yourself up to be one unhappy person. And with unhappiness comes miserableness. And with miserableness comes a person that nobody likes to be around, which in turn makes you even more unhappy. Because then you think everyone dislikes you, not thinking that the root of the problem could be your attitude to begin with. People like to be around happy, positive people. The only people who would not like to be around happy people are those who suffer from unhappiness themselves. Once again, they don't realize that if they adapt their attitudes, they too can be more happy and enjoy the happiness of others. Maybe this will also result in people being less envious and jealous of others and a good flow of positive energy amongst all.

You can choose to be happy and you can choose to be unhappy. Period.

There are exceptions, which are actually mental disorders. That includes depression. If you think that you may suffer from a disorder, please seek professional help. There is hope. Please don't give up, No matter what your head tells you, you DO matter.

Until next time, look around you, and I mean really look around you. You will find things that you can add to your list of things to be grateful for. Appreciate it and make the most of every moment of your life.

And of course, have a good day, or night, wherever you are!

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