29 August 2014

Steve Madden | Meant for Me

I just had to do a post about these babies because everything about our paths crossing says 'Meant for Me'. I was looking for a gift for my 8 year old niece at Edgars, when I passed by the shoes and decided to look at the sale racks. 

There, shining as if surrounded by a divine white light, were these. I have wanted to get another pair of pointed nudes for a while. I took a closer look and to my surprise it was Steve Madden's! The reason for my surprise was because the Edgars I was at does not stock Steve Madden. So my guess is that it was purchased elsewhere and returned there. No size was indicated and it looked too big for me so I walked away. But I swear it's as if these shoes pulled out a rope and threw it around my waist, for I could not walk further than two steps before turning back to try it on. And WHAM! It fit, perfectly. The price? Should I even talk about a price? It was basically being given away at R89, 90!

Steve Madden has been putting plenty a smile on my face over the past few months. First their Marlenees put me on a high (literally), rounding off almost every subsequent outfit after acquiring them. Then Wendy Madden, Steve Madden's very own wife, not only Favorited a tweet of mine featuring the shoes, but also followed me. I mean really, how cool is she to be taking note of, and giving credit to their customers.

Then the cherry on top was when I was announced as the winner of a R1000, 00 ($100) voucher on Twitter! All I had to do was tell them what my ultimate summer style is. 

My answer ( along with pictures of me wearing my Marlenees ):

'Any outfit that is rounded off with Steve Madden on my feet is my ultimate summer style.'

And trust me when I say, this is no lie. I looked back at my last Summer posts and yep, the Marlenees played a dominant role! And since it's Flashback Friday, let's take a look at it shall we! Click on the title to view the full post.

I can't wait to go and blow my voucher even though I know it's going to be very hard to choose something! I will probably want every pair of shoes in the store lol!

Until next time, Happy Fridaaaay!

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  1. Wow both pairs are gorgeous. Steve Madden always gets it right hey.