14 August 2014

Princess Unicorn in Leather and Heels

Sing hallalujah! Sing it! Sing haallaluujah! Sing it yeah! Sing haallaluuhah! 

Sometimes I am amazed at how many old school songs I know that was before my time. I guess it's because I started taking note of, and loving music since before I could talk. I must have been grooving to the sounds my parents listened to while I was in the womb. In case some of you don't know, the above song is Sing Hallalujah by Dr. Alban. No, it's not a gospel song. Oh and don't worry, I don't know the artist either. I just googled the lyrics (of course) and then I ended bopping my head to a whole bunch of really old school music on youtube lol. We're talking Tevin Campbell 'brown eyed girl'!

Anyway, Hallelujah! Because this is the third and final installment of ' Dressing up Princess Unicorn '. Not really sure what the whole Princess Unicorn is all about? Here's your answer:

View the first post to see the outfit without the jacket, which is what this post is all about. Princess Unicorn get's to show off in a leather Jacket and scarf. See Part 2 to see how I styled it with a loose-fitting black jersey and scarf.

Peeks of Part 1 & 2:

Top, Jeans, Bag | MRP

Jacket |  Truworths

Shoes | Steve Madden Marlenee

Necklace |  Identity

Silver & Black Bracelets |  Zuri Accessories

Other Accessories  |  Lovisa

Lipstick | Mac Ruby Woo

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