11 August 2014

Balmain Dress | Rihanna verses Kendall Jenner

Super Models Naomi Campbell and Iman are no strangers to appearing with Super Music Stars. Afterall, they both starred in music video's with perfectionist King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Here they pose alongside Mega Music and Controversial Star, Rihanna, for the Belmain Fall Collection 2014 in W Magazine. While this shoot is incredible, let's not forget that one of the Model industries newest and also controversial ( or rather more so her sister ) additions, Kendall Jenner, was strutting the very same dress seen on Rihanna, just a few weeks ago. How could anyone forget some of the pictures which depict a big sis acting like her little sis' bodyguard.

Besides wearing the same dress, they also wearing the same demeanour. I guess it's for the theme behind the design, being Belmain 'Army'.

So, question is, who pulled it off better?

Let's face it, both of them wear the dress really well. It's as if it was made for them. So in order to choose a winner ( so to speak ), we go down to the nitty gritties of make up, shoes, accessories and hair. Oh wait, they have the same hairstyle too! So the question now becomes, 'who wore the dress and hairstyle better?'. lol

Let's see the shoes shall we.

While I love Riri's shoes, somehow I like the look that Kendall's give more. Riri's shoes however matches her style earrings and gives a hotter look compared to the cute little pointies of Kendall.

Where the hairstyle is concerned, I think they both did a pretty good job although Riri's hair makes a bigger statement.

For me Riri takes the gold for accessories, literally. Kendall could have done with some bling on her ears. Without it, she has a bland appearance, which brings me to make up because same thing there. While I like the whole natural look, they could have added something to the lips. Riri seems to be wearing a similar make up look, but she doesn't look as plain as Kendall. This could be attributed to Riri's eye colour and striking features.

This is actually a very good reflection of how two people can wear the same dress but their individual style will make the difference. I'm sure no one can even begin to imagine Kendall wearing the earrings that Riri is. It just doesn't seem to be, well, her
And that's part of what gives Riri's look more OoMph! Kendal's look is more classic, while Riri looks more pop diva! Which is what she is, kinda, right?

So after all that being said and done, I think they both pull it off in their own way.

What do you think?

Until next time, have a great day, or night, wherever you are.

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  1. Can't really choose because they both look gorgeous . But if I had to choose , I'll take rihanna

    1. Hey Deborah! When I started writing the post, I leaned more towards Kendall's clean cut look. But as I looked at Rihanna more, I started to like her look just as much. It's difficult to choose. I think they both look great!


  2. Love this post and I agree; both girls look amazing but Rihanna stands out for the better just a little bit more. However; not an easy choice!

  3. They both look amazing!


    1. I know right! That dress was made for them!