18 August 2014

A Morning at Mangwanani African Spa

Aaah, the Spa. If I could, I would go to a spa at least once a week I tell you! It's been a while since I've been for any kind of spa treatment so not only was this much needed, but it was long overdue, period. I think the knots in my shoulders already give the appearance and feel of muscles.

So yesterday I visited Spa of the year, Mangwanani African Spa, situated at Zevenwacht Wine Estate. I went along with my mother, whose birthday it was during the week, and my two sisters. From the outside the spa looks quite small. But you're in for a surprise once you get inside for the look from the outside is true to the saying that 'looks can be deceiving.' It's actually quite big and spacious. 

The reception area is beautifully decorated in an African theme.

Shortly after we arrived, we were escorted to the waiting area, which consisted of a dining, buffet and bar area. We were allocated a table and found complimentary Mangwanani water bottles.

We were then escorted to the changing area, which is incorporated in the bathroom/toilet. We were given a gown and slippers to wear and could safely store our clothing in lockers, the key for which we kept with us. The first thing I noticed when I took off my boots was the delightful warm floor meaning that they had floor heating. I really liked that as we all know how cold and unpleasant bathroom floors can be!

Don't worry about getting your hair wet, for the changing area comes complete with hair-dryers!

After we changed, we went back to our table in the waiting room, which I forgot to mention is sooo lovely and warm. You know I'm a heat-lover! We were offered something to drink, which included an array of juices, fizzy drinks, wine or champagne. Once we finished our drinks we were whisked off to our first treatment, which was a Traditional Royal Foot Cleansing & Relaxing Massage Ritual

The area designated for this treatment has thee most perfect view. Inside a veranda with glass doors and windows, I was able to see most of the city of Cape Town all the way to the ocean. But most of all, smack bang in the middle, I could see one of the world's seven wonders of nature, Table Mountain. No words or picture could describe how beautiful it is, or the serenity it brings while receiving one of the best foot massages. Our masseuse sits on a flat cushion in front of us and begins with a sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs naturally soothes, hydrates and refreshes tired feet.

After rinsing the sugar off with soothing warm water, they begin the massage with a choice of either a revitalizing or calming oil. Since I've been down and out for almost 2 months now, I thought my feet needed some revitalizing so I opted for that. All I can say about the massage is that is was so relaxing that there were moments I just wanted to fall asleep. But I just couldn't take my eyes off the wonderful view in front of me. Ever hear the song 'I don't wanna miss a thing' by Aerosmith?

After the foot treatment, we went back to our table and a short while later we were escorted downstairs to the body massage area. We received the Full Body Massage with Hot Stone Therapy. I must say that it felt a little cold down there after sitting in the warm air-conditioned waiting room. However, I understood why it wasn't heated when the massage began. Somehow it feels so soothing and warm that you forget about the cold. And of course the hot stones feels gloriously hot against the skin. We were given the same options for oil but this time I chose the calming oil as my body is still in the recovery period. The massage was really good. I am use to going for Thai massages, which are a little more hardcore lol. So in comparison, this was very soothing and relaxing. Just what I needed!

And I ended it all of with a Sunday #Selfie of me still looking like a zombie. A revitalized zombie at that :D

What we had on the way out. Can you say Delicious?

I highly recommend this Spa if you want a sensual African experience topped off with the perfect view.

Can't wait to go again.

Until next time, have a good day, or night, wherever you are!

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  1. Ahhhh that looks heavenly! Every girl should have a spa day at least once every 3 months... it is so needed xoxo