03 June 2014

Rihanna | How do you like them Nipples (CFDA Awards & LIU Cover Shoot)

The Social Media world is buzzing over Rihanna's outfit at the CFDA Awards last night. It's probably the most controversial outfit since Miley Cyrus at the VMA Awards last year. While her dress was very provocative, I was not surprised and really can't see how anyone else could be. Come on people, this is Rihanna. Helloo-oo! The woman whose Instagram account was recently removed for showing them nipples and butt crack even though she was one of the most followed users. I think this outfit is a good way to get back at Instagram because judging from the tweets subsequent to her account being removed, she wasn't very amused by it. She obviously knew last night's dress would cause a stir and that it would undoubtedly be posted on Instagram by hundreds of thousands of users. So what Instagram? Are you going to delete each and every single user who posts pictures of Rihanna's nipples today?

There is a very split public reaction to the dress though. So far from what I've seen, it's mostly been negative. Many are saying that she went too far and might as well have attended the event naked. This is one topic that can go up for a heated debate. There are many points I can raise that will argue for and against it. But really, it all boils down to subjective perspective and how open-minded you are as an individual. Just because men feel sexual attraction towards a woman for whatever reason, doesn't mean she is asking them for sex and it sure as hell doesn't give them the right to sexually harass, abuse or assault her. To have that stance would be a very patriarchal way of thinking. Maybe if everyone stopped supporting that notion, they would also stop encouraging it. It is particularly sad when women look down on other women based on clothing. At the end of the day, what is clothing? It does not determine the character of a person. You can find a woman dressed like Rihanna with a very kind heart and a women covered in hijab with a very ugly heart and vice versa. Why can't a woman take pride in the attractiveness of her body and flaunt it? Men should have an inherent respect for women irrespective of race, culture, beliefs and especially the clothes she wears. 

Rihanna may not be leaving much to the imagination, but really, who does care. She sure doesn't. She is doing what makes her happy as she does not live to please a world of strangers. Whether you imagine something or see the real thing, how does it matter in your life? Are you relevant to that person's life in a way that you actually stand a chance of ever seeing the real thing? So why even make that statement? Who is going to actually get to touch the real thing. As long as she's not going around sleeping with every man that wants her, why judge her? Contrary to the above, some people may say that as an idol to so many people and especially young girls, she could have made the nipples a little less visible. Others will however say that we are supposed to be an evolved world where we should be more open-minded and women should celebrate their bodies rather than be ashamed of or hide it.

The not so famous daughter of very famous actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Scout Willis, recently campaigned for the freedom of women to show their nipples after her Instagram account too was banned when she posted a picture of herself wearing a sheer top. She went as far as posting images of herself  walking topless around New York on Twitter, using the hashtag #FreeTheNipple. She said that she was highlighting her disagreement against Instagram's policy against female nudity.

Read more about what she had to say and view the pictures she took topless in New York here.

 Rihanna also took to twitter after her Instagram ban and 'tweeted' the racy pictures there instead. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the pictures. But first, here are more pictures from last night.

Miley Cyrus also seems to be an advocate of #FreeTheNipple as she performed in a sweater that clearly showed off her breasts, even though her nipples were covered with black shields.

To be honest, I think Riri looked amazing and she carries herself very elegantly! 
The dress is by Adam Selman and is made of 216, 000 Swarovski crystals. I don't even want to know the price tag on that.

Look suckers, who cares what you think about about my dress, I WON! 
Yes, indeed she did. She was honoured with the Fashion Icon Award.

The LIU Magazine Cover shoot pictures that got her Instagram Account removed:

So what is your take on all of this? I would be very interested to know! Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Until next time, have a great day, or night, wherever you are!

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  1. Hey body is freakin unbealivebly hot;) I still love her

    1. I agree! She just has a WAY about her!

  2. At first I was against it but you've got me looking at it a little differently now. She does look beautiful though.

    1. Always good to look at things fro another perspective :D