04 June 2014

Nail Art Tutorial | Dirty Mint & Gold

So! On Saturday I finally attended my first blogger meet-up and boy oh boy did I score with a fabulous goodie bag! It was filled with delightful items but of course the nail enamels caught my eyes first and foremost! That's what happens when you become a nail art fanatic. I couldn't wait for Mani Monday as the new colours were just screaming my name from the moment I laid eyes on them. So the Sunday this design got right on the way.

Nail Enamels used listed in order of Application:

Nail Booster Base Coat code 938 by Tip Top Nails

Cotton On Rubi in Dirty Mint

Gold Digger 971 by Top Top Nails

I almost lost this baby with it's first use after tipping it over. Thankfully only a little spilled!


Tool Used for Polka dots, lines and triangle:

Hair Pin.

How I did it:

Quite simply actually. I painted all the nails with the base coat, waited until it dried, painted it with the dirty mint, waited till it dried and then dipped the pin head into the gold and did the dots, lines and triangle. 
For the tip of the ring finger however, I just used the actual brush of the nail enamel.

And that's it! Sorry I didn't actually take step-by-step pictures. I was just so in a hurry to get a design done with my new colours and didn't think that I would post a how-to afterwards :)

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