12 June 2014

Denim on High Waist Denim with a side of Leopard Print

With or without hat, with or without scarf? Is there even a difference and does it really matter? I'm sure a guy will say 'no honey, I see nooo difference'. But you know how it goes with us ladies. We see the difference, however subtle it is, and  ya, we then find ourselves in a decision-making dilemma! So if the weather pretty much allows you to go with or without it, whether or not to go with it will depend on which overall look you like best.

I am absolutely besotted with these jeans. I have already expressed my undying love for any bottoms that have a high-waist! And phew, did they hit the nail of perfection right on the head with this design. I don't care which body shape you are, I'm going to tell you to go GET THESE!

This is the outfit I wore to my first blogger lunch, which by the way was wonderful. I have wanted to meet other local bloggers for so long now and thanks to Jade Robertson, an intern at Grey Garnet, the PR Company that hosted the event, and also the owner of the blog, Just Jade, I got to do so. I really met some wonderful gals! I decided to keep it simple yet chic by pairing the jean with a semi-casual button-up shirt that has a denim appearance. I got it like the morning of the event haha! I'm so last minute. The bag was a such a steal! I by chance spotted it being rung up for someone at the till as I stood in line at Mr. Price. When I asked an assistant if there's more, she answered 'yes, and they're totally on sale'. I'm sure that by the time her eyes re-opened after blinking, I was back in line with bag in hand.

At the event itself, each blogger received a goodie bag filled with, well, goodies! Lot's of NICE goodies! I truly scored with this hat and scarf from Cotton On! How cool is it that it actually goes with the outfit I had on! The hat is pretty in pink and grey.

Shirt | Edgars

Jeans | Mr. Price

Shoes | Steve Madden via Edgars

Necklace | Identity

Purse Cross-body Bag | Mr. Price

Rings & Stretch Bangle | Lovisa

Aaaand, that's a wrap!

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