22 June 2014

Favourite Paris Inspired Nail Designs

Sunday is Funday, right!  Well, not so much for me today.  Not with this nasty flu that bit me in the butt during the week.  So here I've been,  tucked in bed on this beautiful sunshiny day.  I know this would be the ideal situation if it were early in the morning and freezing outside.  But no,  when the sun shines,  I want to be outside! So I had to think of something that will add at least a bit of fun to my day. But what could I possibly do feeling ( and looking) like a zombie? By the way,  the perks of having your blogger ap on your phone.  I'm literally lying in bed with head on pillow while typing this!  Anyway, so I thought, Hmph... Nails,  that's what I can do in bed! Doesn't take much energy.  But I underestimated how bad I was feeling,  for after about 5 minutes of sitting up,  cleaning my nails and choosing the colours,  my eyes felt like closing and my head just wanted to flop back down onto the pillow.  But I fought the urges and continued.  I managed to paint all my nails with a base coat and white,  then started looking for some design inspiration online.  I came across the beautiful 'Paris / Disney' themed design pictured above (tutorial here) and began. But my hand was all shaky as a result of feeling weak. I realized I just wasn't in shape to do it. And if I wasn't going to be able to pull off a design worthy of sitting up while feeling like a zombie, the entire venture was not worth it.  But I'm bored,  so I decided to post the designs I would have used as inspiration anyway:

When I feel better and find the time, I'll still do my own versions of the above designs.

Anyway, let me get back to relaxing in bed with some popcorn and a movie. Guess there are a couple of perks being in bed :D

Have a great day, or night, wherever you are!

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