19 June 2014

Fashion | Leather, Denim & Pearls

Ok, so where do I begin with this outfit? Maybe I should start with the jeans. Oooh, the JEANS. Let me tell you. Stone Wash. Yes, Stone Wash. The colour of this jeans. The colour that I absolutely wanted it in even though I already had it in black and ink blue. But to my dismay, no store had it in my size. Even the online store was sold out. Oh how I hate seeing those words. I had no choice but to call off my search. Then, one day, while in store,  I spotted it and thought, you know what, let me go and depress myself by looking and not finding. But I was in luck. I looked, and I found! There amongst about 10 pairs, was one in my size. 
It's now officially a wardrobe treasure :D

It goes perfectly with the semi-sheer white shirt that I got along with the shirt in my previous post. It was between this one and that one for the blogger brunch. I decided to go with the other one because it was more casual. 

Then we have the jacket. Now, I'm not very lucky when it comes to finding things I absolutely love in my size. So when I spotted this jacket hanging all by itself in my size, I saw it as a sign that it was meant for me haha! 

I rounded it all off with my Steve Madden Marlenee Cognacs. And the pearls? I looked at myself in the mirror the day before on my way to work. I always wear pearls to work. And most of the time a white shirt. So I decided to add it to this outfit and add a touch of Audrey to the whole look.

Shirt | Edgars

Jeans | Mr. Price

Shoes | Steve Madden via Edgars

Jacket | Truworths

Bag & Pearls | Vintage

Ring and Bracelet | Lovisa

Lips | Mac Ruby Woo

Nails | Woolworths Cherry Glaze

And that's a wrap!

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Adios mi amores!