29 May 2014

Nail Tutorial | Red, White and a Cross

Hey Fellow Nail Art Enthusiasts!

Today I bring to you a very simple design and an even simpler method of doing it. For this design I just used a cottton bud, also known as an ear bud, cotton swab or q-tip. 

Here's how I did it:

Paint your nails in whichever colours you like. I used Lady in Red by Revlon Charlie and White by Lm ( just a cheapie that I found at China Town ).

Besides the colours of your choice, you will also need regular, as well as matte clear nail polish. I used Charm Limit and Rimmel Lycra Pro Matte Finish.

Once your nails are dry, take a cotton bud that has a pointed side and it dip in nail polish remover.

Then rub your nail in the shape you want. In my design, I simply made lines. 

My lines look quite rugged. I could have cleaned it up more to make it look cleaner and straighter, but I kinda liked the grunginess.

Once you have made your lines, paint over with clear nail polish. I used the matte polish over the white on the ring finger. You can of course go without this step if you do not want the matte effect, and simply paint it will the regular clear polish as well.

And that's it!

Midi ring | Lovisa

Leopard print clutch with gold chain strap | Mr. Price

Hope you enjoyed this post and do drop by again for more




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