20 May 2014

Billboard Music Awards 2014 | Wins, Outfits, Performances & Kendall's Blunder

And now we welcome


oops, um, sorry, I can't read.


Kendall Jenner is pictured above during the much talked about and embarrassing moment when she mistakenly welcomed 'One Direction' instead of  the new and upcoming band, '5 Seconds of Summer'.

At least she had a good laugh about it afterwards, the next day tweeting

'Anndddd as if I wasn't nervous already! ! ! ! #NeverLeavinMyCOntactsAtHomeAgain! #LOL #LessonLearned."

see the video below.

Then the man of the night,


who walked away with SEVEN trophies!

and cleaning up pretty good since his days with n sync!

Other winners include:

Jennifer Lopez Received the Icon Award

Lorde, for top New Artist

The FANTASTIC Bon Jovi, for Top Touring Artist

Katy Perry for Best Female Artist

Miley Cyrus for Top Streaming Artist, of course :)

Justin Bieber for Top Social Artist

and then let's see

WHO wore WHAT:

Jennifer Lopez

Nicki Minaj in Alexander McQueen

Kelly Rowland

Carrie Underwood in Oriett Domenech

Shakira in Julien Mc Donald

Kendall Jenner in Olcay Gulsen and Kylie Jenner

Got to hand the best Dressed to:


Special Performances:
If you are unable to view the video's, click on the links below it to take you directly to YouTube.

Michael Jackson 'Slave to the Rhythm' Hologram Performance

Jennifer Lopez - 'First Love' Billboard Music Awards 2014

( I just want to add that while I think J Lo is super hot, her singing urks me a bit )

Miley Cyrus - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - Billboard Music Awards 2014

And the Kendall Blunder:

Kendall Jenner messes up at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

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  1. Michael Jackson's performance was the highlight of the evening. Miss him !