11 April 2014

Ways to Wear it | Plaid Skirt Day & Night

Plaid, tartan, check or whatever the hell you want to call it. It's hot, and it's happening right here and everywhere. When I wrote my Autumn/Winter trend report last year, I listed it first and foremost, not having the slightest idea that it would in fact turn out to be the most loved of the lot! And as I said in that post, it's a good thing because who doesn't have something with plaid print somewhere in the house. It is a print that has been coming on since forever. And that is most likely the reason for it's big boom in the fashion world this past winter. Well, this coming winter for some of us (sadly).

♪ ♫  There she goes just a walkin' down the street, singing doo-wah-di-di-di di-dum-di-di-doo! ♫ ♪

That's the song that suddenly just popped into my head while looking at some of the images of this post. I swear, I'm always laughing, joking and doing the quirkiest moves while shooting. I guess that is because I genuinely have fun doing it. It is a passion. That is also why I never started this fashion blogging thing for fame or the benefits thereof. I never really revealed much of my personal info such as my name, where I'm from etc. It would however be nice to get to attend some cool events, meet other bloggers and eat fancy food, hence the recent splurge of personal info lol (read about me)

So I came across this cool little skirt and decided to do a 'different ways to wear it' post. Particularly a way to wear it when it's chilly, not freezing, and a way to wear it when it's warm, not hot. 
Since we are all in that stage of in-between weather right now. Spring in some parts and Autumn (fall) in other parts.

Or simply a Night versus Day time look.

And yes, I got a run in my stocking while shooting. I'm wild like that. lol

For the chilly weather or night time look, I paired the skirt with a black fitted long-sleeved shirt, leather (faux) jacket, black stockings and closed high heels.

For the warm weather or day-time look, I paired the skirt with the same shirt but rolled the sleeves up about half the length, no stockings, denim jacket around the waist and open-toed black heels.

Skirt | Edgars
*similar on ebay by Zara

Shirt | Old

Leather Jacket | Edgars
*similar found at Zara or have a look here

Denim Jacket | Old

Closed Shoes | Shoerama

Open Shoes | Aldo

Lipstick | Mac Ruby Woo

Yay, and that's it. Hope you enjoyed this post and do drop by my blog again.

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Have a good day, or night, wherever you are!


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