14 April 2014

Outfit | Mixing Zebra, Leopard and Marshmallow Prints

A few days ago I accompanied a friend who needed to do some clothing shopping. I was like yay-ay, of course.

We visited Cotton On and I spotted these shorts. And I was like, Yay-ay! Lol, sorry for the yay-ay's... I've been watching The Regular Show too often. If you haven't heard of it, it's a cartoon. Yes, a cartoon. A cartoon which I just so happen to love 'cos it's so darn funny. 

Anyhoo, so I spotted the shorts, grabbed it and headed straight for the fitting rooms. Pulled it on and the green.. Oooh, darn, I just wiped the sweat off my fore-head because I got so excited typing that I accidentally pressed the back key and left this page. I thought I lost all that garbage I just wrote and already eeked at having to start anew. Luckily for me however, blogger automatically saves as you go. Phew! Thanks blogger.

So ya, the green light shone bright in my head and the shorts went home with me. With it I got a sleeveless sheer black shirt but when it came to putting the outfit on at home, it looked good but a tad bit... boring?

So I raided my closet for something more eccentric and I remembered... Hey, there's that dress with the zebra print on top. Yes, dress. I am wearing a dress that is even longer than the length of the shorts. I've had this dress for a couple of years and it was already becoming an ornament in my closet. So I put it on, tucked in the bottom (can you tell) and thought, ok. Might not be to everyone's taste but something different none-the-less. And with all the crazy mixed prints I have been seeing in the fashion world lately, why not. By the way, the black band around the waist is actually part of the dress, not the shorts!

If any of you have seen my preview posts on Twitter and Facebook, you would have wondered what I meant by 'marshmallow' print. Well, I was referring to the shorts. Somehow it reminded me of marshmallows. I thought I would spice up the complete look even more by throwing in some leopard print, which can be seen on my shoes and bag.

Ok, this post has gotten too long now, bye!

Just kidding. Enjoy!

L to the O to the V to the E!

Feel it. Live it. Share it.

Dress | Ross Stores (a couple of years old)

Shorts | Cotton On

Shoes | Nine West

Earrings and Midi Ring | Edgars

Necklace | Mr. Price

Arm Candy | Lovisa

And that's it! 

Thank you for dropping by. Have a great day, or night, wherever you are!

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  1. The shorts are very cute and goes lovely with the top!