27 April 2014

Mid Calf Tan Cowgirl Boots, Yee Haw!

Ok ok, so it might not be the real thing. (That being actual Cowgirl boots) But it's pretty darn close. The real boots are more suited and designed for horse-riding. But if you simply adore the Cowgirl Boot style, you would love these as much as I do! My adoration for Cowgirl boots started a few years ago when I stumbled across the perfect pair. I pretty much wore it until the faux leather started tearing apart and sadly had to discard them. Then came the tedious task of finding another pair. Two years later, I find these. Not exactly the same but ya, it's good enough!

By the way, did you know that the saying typically expressed by Cowboys is 'Yee Haw' and not 'Hee Haah'? I didn't know until now.

Boots | Truworths

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