20 April 2014

Mac Ruby Woo for Confidence

Many times we as women suffer from a lack of confidence. Sad but true. Fortunately there are things that can boost our confidence. All you have to do is find it.

The above quote could not be more true because for me, heels and lipstick does just that! When I wear certain heels, I literally feel on top of the world. My confidence level goes through the roof and I feel happy and sociable. I smile at everyone, I speak to others more easily and I am just one happy chappy!

When it comes to lipstick, it's not just any one that does it for me. It's none other than Mac's

Ruby Woo

I recently searched for the perfect red lipstick because I am a red lipstick girl, day or night. Marilyn Monroe didn't wear it for nothing. She wanted to be glamorous at all times. And that is exactly what red lipstick does.

 Finding the perfect red is quite the tedious task. There are such alot of factors to consider, one of which is your skin tone. Where this is concerned, you have to consider the type of red that goes best. You find red lipsticks with blue, as well as orange undertones. Then you just find the true red. But it's all just so confusing if you're not a make-up expert. So you just go around trying everything on, like I did haha. My poor lips went through a rough time.

Eventually I got to Mac's counter and tried the much raved about Ruby Woo. To be honest, it wasn't love at first sight. It's not a smooth application and felt dry. But most of all, I didn't quite see that deep and luscious red I was looking for. It was a bold bright and I saw somewhat of an orange-ish tint in bright light.The dryness could however be attributed to the fact that my lips were a bit dry and it's also a matte lipstick. So just make sure your lips are moisturized before application. If you do not entirely like the matte effect, apply a bit of moisturizer after application as well. Of course you can give it a complete glossy finish by applying lip gloss.

It was however one of the best I tried on and I thought, heck, I'll just take it!There must be good reason for it being a favorite. The next day I attended a bachelorette party and for the first time ever, someone asked me what lipstick I was wearing because they just HAD to know. I was like, oh, wow, that's cool. It must mean that it looks good!

Best of all, this lipstick is good for any complexion so you don't have to worry about the whole blue and orange undertone thing. I've seen it on several different skin tones and it looks gorgeous on all!

I can not go anywhere without my ruby woo lips! It truly is a confidence booster and guess what, even though it's bold and daring

'Anyone can wear Red Lipstick.'

In my most recent outfit post, I had on my Ruby Woo:

Here are celebs wearing Ruby Woo:

Beginning with Rihanna of course:

Scarlett Johansson

Adriana Lima

So I think this Lipstick definitely lives up to the craze! I am already thinking about getting another one! Now to try Mac's Candy Yum Yum. The other much raved about colour.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.

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