12 April 2014

Floppy Hat Steam Punk

When I first posted this picture on Instagram a few weeks ago, my caption read: 

' I never thought I'd see the day but today I saw that day lol! '

So what exactly did I think I'd never see? 

Quite frankly, me wearing this type of hat with this type of sunglasses. This is like the epitome of my style evolution over the past couple of years. Hats was never my thing and while I have always worn sunglasses, I would never have given this particular design a second look.

It took me long enough to take to the Floppy Hat trend though, as this trend hit the spotlight a couple of years ago already. In fact, it's always been around, but seemed to be worn at more exclusive types of events such as horse-racing. Now, however, you can pretty much wear it anywhere and style any way. It can even be worn with a pair of jeans if done correctly. More recently this trend was one of the Autumn (fall) hits so you don't even need lots of sun to wear it. It has really just become a fashion accessory.

Here's a good example of three ways to wear it. 

Casual, formal and semi-casual:

Here in fact we can see how it can be styled with your beachwear, which has always been a popular look for this hat:

image source : trendstuck

I got my hat at The Young Designer's Emporium but here are a few cool cool Floppy Hats online:

[ 1 ]

Free Spirit Feathered Floppy Hat


Forever 21

purchase online here

[ 2 ]

Cobalt Oversized Felt Hat


Mr. Price

Purchase online here

[ 3 ]

Wine Felt hat with Ribbon Trim


Forever 21 on ebay

Purchase online here

As for the sunglasses, someone told me I remind them of a robot when I have it on and I was like, you are spot on. My whole intention behind getting them was to look like one of my favorite robots, who is none other than Star Wars very own, 


Say whaaat ???

I got my pair at Edgars but you can also find them on ebay here.

So there you go. If you're just not that into hats, try it on. You may just fall for it.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again for more fashion, beauty, nails and diy tutorials.

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As always, have a great day, or night, wherever you are.


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