28 April 2014

But first... Let me take a #Selfie

When the word "SELFIE" has officially been added to the Urban Dictionary, you must know that it is something to be reckoned with. At least in today's social media driven society. 

SELFIE definition:

noun informal

1. A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smart phone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. 


English : Self


English : -ie

early 21st century: from self + ie

While the Selfie Game has been going on for quite some time already, here is the song that really made the selfie nation explode:

#SELFIE (Official Music VIdeo) - The Chainsmokers

I can just imagine this song playing in a club and everyone pulling out their phones to take a selfie at the same time.

There are however many people who aren't exactly thrilled about it becoming an official word.

Just check these out

But ya, what can we do. It's done and it will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Except for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of course. I don't really do selfies that much but when I do, I bring out my creative side and do one like the top and this:

Then again, there was this one. 

Oops, what can I say, except 'SELFIE time' lol

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Have a great day, or night, wherever you are!

But first... go and take a #selfie haha!

Much love,

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