19 March 2014

Outfit | Little White Dress meets Steve Madden

Forget about the lbd.

Today is about 


Here we're not just talking about any little white dress. We're talking about an LWD (admittedly I first typed 'LBD' lol) that has edge. And I'm pretty sure that you, my dear reader, know exactly what I'm talking about. 

But first, let's explore the meaning of edge, in the fashion sense of course. Oh my goodness, I'm so hungry that I typed ' www.foo ' before realizing I should be typing 'www.google.com' in another window lol. Seems I'm full of lol's today. What's uuup! 

Anyway, back to 'edge':


The side cut-outs immediately made me think of a shark or wolf that had it's way with something. Fortunately that's not what happened here haha! No more lol!

It also has tear-drop cut-outs on the front below the neckline, making it a turtle neck, which I think always add's a touch of elegance to any piece. Hence we have a dress that is edgy and chic.  I just recently got those funky sunglasses and the shoes, oh the shoes. My favorite thing at the moment, so it just had to be part of it all. I then grabbed this brown pleather cross-body bag, tucked in the strap and let it join the party! 

The long brown over-sized cardigan is something I grabbed from my mom's  wardrobe. I've practically been living in it lately and it just so happened to go with the outfit. I don't know, I kinda thought it can cheat it's way into the whole over-sized coat trend. 

Can you see why I'm obsessed with these shoes?

Dress | The Young Designer's Emporium

Shoes | Steve Madden (via Edgars)

Bag | Edgars

Sunglasses | Edgars
 (get it on ebay )

Necklace | Legit

Midi Rings | Edgars

Arm accessories | Lovisa & Edgars

And that's it! Check out my LBD rock style post.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you drop by  my blog again!



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