04 March 2014

Crazy shoe love for Steve Madden's Marlenees!


You know the name, you know you want to own the shoe.

Shamefully, I have never done the latter... until recently.
I can only describe the feeling in one word.


I can honestly say that I have never been so inlove with a shoe. And I have had some pretty gorgeous shoes. But the thing about these is that it has so many elements that make it just... just... damn perfect!

I don't even know where to begin with the reasons as to why I love it but here it goes: 

● Color

It's not 'nude' in the typical fashion sense, but on my skin, it looks mighty close to that. Of course it won't look as nude on lighter skin, but the idea will still be there. I don't know if this sounds weird but I love how it blends in with my foot, yet you can still clearly see it.

● Heel

Long and slim. An ultimate feminine look. Exactly what appeals to me when it comes to shoes.

● Ankle Strap

This of course is a given. Ankle straps have been one of the biggest shoe trends since summer and the width of the strap along with the way the gold buckle beautifully contrasts with the colour of the shoe, is superb.

● Complete Open sides

This goes hand in hand with the next point, which is it's sexy appeal. The open sides, causing most of the foot to be revealed, slims down the overall shoe and makes it look sleek, feminine and sexy. I am not a fan of bulky shoes so this is ideal for me.

● Partly Open Toes

The amount of the toe lengths that are revealed are perfect. It doesn't show too much of the toe, which I like simply because the more toe that shows, the longer your toes look from the front and that doesn't tend to look very flattering.

● Casual yet Elegant

While the colour makes it look more on the casual side, they can also make an outfit look more chic. And they can also be worn with a dressy outfit. Just take a look at my 'Little Pink Dress' lookpost, which features me wearing it with a stylish dress. Think about a very casual or grunge outfit. Take for example a distressed cut jean shorts and tank top. Imagine wearing it with a pair of wedge high tops verses these. Do you get what I'm saying? If not, just pretend you do haha! Kiddinnng. But seriously,  these shoes can be worn with a very casual outfit as well as a dressy outfit.

 I think that stems from the overall feminine look that it has. 

Last but not least:

●  I feel so Hiii-ye-ah-iigh when I'm on it

Surprise Surprise, I got it in Floral too. Just because I loved the Cognac so much , but wanted something a little different and eccentric as well (oh and they were on sale lol). 

And the Floral has been screaming my name ever since I saw it advertized on Steve Madden's facebook page.

Can you see why I couldn't resist. Funny enough, a sales promoter who was standing nearby while I was trying to decide which one of the above to get, told me that I should go for the Cognacs because these Florals look like Drag Queen shoes. Well my interpretation of that opinion is that the Florals are absolutely fabulous because Drag Queens would not be seen in anything that is not!

These shoes are part of the Marlenee range and there are other colours too. 
Find them all on the Steve Madden here.

Thanks for reading and do drop by again! 

Much love,