14 February 2014

Outfit | Little Pink Dress

Today is that day. The day many love, and many, well, love to hate




My take on it? This day is just about LOVE. That's all you need to celebrate it. Love in your heart, for others. It is not just for lover's. So grab a loved one by the hand and show them some lovin'!

I initially wanted to do an all-white outfit since white is my new favorite trend, but while searching for a beautiful white dress, I came across the pretty pink little silk dress. It looks very similar to a dress I got last year around the same time, from the same place. In fact, it's identical except for the fabric. But I had to get it anyway because that silk just makes it so feminine and sensual. And the sweetheart bust is just so perfect for the occasion ;)

The weather didn't play along for my planned flower garden shoot, so I went to the next best thing that reminds one of Valentine's day. A bakery, filled with yummy cupcakes!

Sorry for the picture overload but hey, it's a special post hehe!

dress | YDE (designer Miss Friday)

Shoes | Steve Madden Cognac Marlenee
 (get it here )

Accessories | Edgars

Flower Crown | DIY
( get similar here )

Necklace | Legit

Cupcake | Limno's Bakery

And that's it. Simple yet chic!

Thanks for dropping by and I sincerely wish everyone a beautiful day of love.

If you think no one loves you, you might want to rethink that without trying to feel sorry for yourself, because I can guarantee you that there is someone out there who loves and cares for you. You just need to open yourself up and welcome it in.

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  1. I love these photographs. You lool stunning. Happy valentines day. Sovanny - http://i-am-trendymomma.com xxx

  2. Thank you very much Sovanny! Hope you had a lovely day!